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Basic Information
Titles Pericles IV
Home Phaeselis
Gender male
Race Hellene
Patron deity Pythagorean
Known language(s) Hellenic
Rules Information
Class Aristocrat
Alignment LN
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Aristocrat 6/Fighter 3
Pericles is a man who comes from a long line of Politicians, originating in the land of Khem.  Pericles is looking to gain prominence by promoting war with Cassandras.  He obtained a ring of mass charm in order to realize his goals, as all of his politicking in the house of Lords proved ineffectual.  The ring of mass charm is the only way to prevent him from being ostracized, leaving the house to his "idiot" brother, Teleamon.

Recent developmentEdit

Pericles was recently seduced by Rix, who was fully capable of doing thus herself.  Once seduced, and after hours of love making, she wore Pericles out and she managed to retrieve the ring.  Finding out his ring is stolen, Pericles will try to retrieve the ring to prevent being ostracized or banished from the city. 

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