Orcish rune.

Orcish is a living Alien language that is slowly being affected by the Indo-European branch of languages.  These include Ariyan, and Hellenic.  Orcish is an ancient alien language from the Orcs' homeland of Outland.  Whence the Orcs came, the language they are speaking was one among dozens, but now it's their sole language.  The language is coarse and complex, but if linguist sages were to go to Outland, they would find that the Orcish of the orcs in Lemurias is relatively simple.

Language TreeEdit

Few Orc Shamans are versed in the history of their language.  Those that can trace their language back are part of the White Serpent Tribe.   The White Serpents trace their language back to a language that can be called Orcrist, and back further still to Primal Orcrist.  However, there is nothing to trace it back that far except that human linguists can figure that there are strong dialects amongst the tribes except for the Horde.

Tree: Primal Orcrist --> Orcrist --> Orcish.


Orcish script was orginally pictographic, but has developed into a vocalized abjad script composed of runes.  It's a syllabary that is composed of orcish runes and symbols.  Unfortunately, not all of them have been deciphered by Hellenic philosophers and sages.

Constructing Orcish Edit

It has become necessary, now, to construct the orc language. Instead of using the WoW Language, I'm going to construct a whole new language completely from scratch. This is so that everyone can see how a language is constructed.

Constructing Orcish

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