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An oracle.

Although the gods work through many agents, perhaps none is more mysterious than the oracle. These divine vessels are granted power without their choice, selected by providence to wield powers that even they do not fully understand. Unlike a cleric, who draws her magic through devotion to a deity, oracles garner strength and power from many sources, namely those patron deities who support their ideals. Instead of worshiping a single source, oracles tend to venerate all of the gods that share their beliefs. While some see the powers of the oracle as a gift, others view them as a curse, changing the life of the chosen in unforeseen ways.


Oracles do not usually associate with any one church or temple, instead preferring to strike out on their own, or with a small group of like-minded individuals. Oracles typically use their spells and revelations to further their understanding of their mystery, be it through fighting mighty battles or tending to the poor and sick.

Oracles in PhaeselisEdit

In Phaeselis, the city of Psionics, Oracles are the mouthpieces of the gods, and sometimes they bring bad tidings.  Other oracles are actually false prophets that tell the people what they want to hear, often for pay.  Oracles of these types are sorcerers masqurading as false priests.  In the City, oracles who call themselves seers are considered to be psionic and connected to Source.  However, if they are found out, they are given a choice.  They can either leave the city (1), or learn how to unlock their own psychic potentials (2) and take levels in the psion class as followers of the Clairsentience discipline.  This edict is simple, it's to protect the reputation of the psychic seers and to prevent confusion within the city! 

If an oracle of the Seer archetype does not choose to leave or to awaken her potential, he or she will simply be collected by the army.  She will be then put on a cart headed towards Alexandria Eschate (Alexandria the Furthestmost) on the Silk Road; banished from the city.  The law was put forth by Alexander himself.  It is to prevent confusion between an oracle seer of the gods, and a seer of Source.  If the law is ignored, then confusion would set in and lead to the downfall of the civilization within the city as a home for all the psychically gifted.

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Augur by Yama Orce.


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