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The Nommo are an ancient, mysterious race that were in the seas before the few farmers, hunters, and gatherers formerly created the Lemurian Civilization. Ancient before man's time, the Nommo are either an indigenous sentient race or from another place in the Universe, no one really knows. The Nommo are certainly not forthcoming on their origins. Their own historical documents on the era is so obscure that only the oral tradition can be counted on for their origins, and the Nommo aren't telling.

Despite their brutish appearance, however, the Nommo are certainly an inquisitive and scholarly race. They love learning and are highly curious. The only culture, though, they feel that are equal to themselves was the Lemurian Civilization. When the two met when the Lemurians started to explore the Sea it was like the meeting of two kindreds. When the Lemurians started to explore the seas in depth, they would start genetically engineering, creating the sea folk and Cindarian races. When the Atlanteans would explore the seas out of desperation, the Atlanteans created systemic osmoforms, or the gillmen for short. To the Nommo, however, it was the Lemurians and not the Atlanteans that would be the kindred spirits.

To confuse matters worse, the Nommo had lost, collectively, their individual viewpoints. This means that each Nommo would speak for their race as a whole, rather for themselves. Although a few Nommo adventures relearn to speak for themselves in a multi-racial underwater adventuring party.

The Book of Origin Edit

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