Shade Psi Blade Telepath by LazarusReturns
Night Claw

True Name: Amerylis
Basic Information
Aliases Night Claw
Home Phaeselis
Former home(s) Arcadia
Gender Female
Race Human
Occupation Thief
Age 117
Known language(s) Koine Hellenic, Elvish
Rules Information
Class Soulknife
Alignment Chaotic Neutral
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Soulknife 3
5th Edition Statistics
Class soulknife
Night Claw is a warrior with some peerage.  An elf, she led a life that was carefree.  She had a great boyfriend, a great life and a great anything.   However, her boyfriend had become ill and Night Claw was forced to resort to stealing and burglary to get what she needed.  A soulknife, she trained herself to create a dagger instead of a sword, which was easier to use.

With her boyfriend ill, and no money for medicine, Night Claw steals valuable items to sell on the black market to afford medicine.  At the moment, she's looking for a good healer to remove the disease her boyfriend has.  Her boyfriend, another elf, is living in torment of the wicked things he has seen, and this has manifested as a pox all over his body.

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