Since the conquering of the Archmeniad Empire by the Hellenes, surnames have come into use. paternomen, as they are called in Rome, shows the paternal line. The Hellenes uses patrilineal process for last names. The names are all greek sounding, and strongly show an Attic heritage or a Macedonian one. Other human names, however, show such a diverse cultural background that they can be almost anything. Some halfling names show a strong Hellenic influence, otherwise their names show their origins as halflings.

The names of the Dwarves are short and use harsh dipthongs like "au" and "ou." Some of them are draconic in origin. Names like Bavion, Dathiol, and Glondol are typical of dwarvish names. Elvish names are grand and musical sounding. Diphthongs like "ae," "ai", and "oe" are often used. Sometimes, the elves turn to ancient naming schemes. In that case, names like Cullowen, Ruscaner, and Andúnë are not all uncommon. Peoples of all races usually use names that are Koine Hellenic translations (rendered into English) as thus: Stonehammer, Eaglesflight, and Dragonfriend are not all uncommon also. Although some elves keep their traditions about their ancient surnames and typically keep the elvish translations of their names to honor their heritage.

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