A sacrifice of a baby taking place.
Title The Apis, the Bull God
Portfolio Political power, wealth, prosperity
Typical Worshipers Politicians and Kings; hoodwinked Paladins and Populace
Typical Worshiper Alignment Any alignment, predominately evil
Domains Community, Law, Good, Evil, Fire, Travel
Subdomains Home, Loyalty, Tyranny, Friendship, Devil,Ash, Trade
Favored Weapon Xiphos Sword
Favored Animal(s) Bull, owl, Devil

Molech is the God of Prosperity and Fire that demands Child Sacrifice in return for power.  The worship of Molech is the secret religion of the City Council, and is a malevolent force that demands the death of a child for the prosperity of a nation.  The worship of Molech usually includes the roasting alive, babies or young children of any sex (up to the age of eight).  In return Molech promises great wealth and power.

The worship is done outside of Phaeselis, in a hidden area of the Night Forest.  Here, worshippers of Molech gather to make their children "pass through the fire of Molech."  Usually by child sacrifice.   However, the whole of a populace can be easily hoodwinked into following Molech.  They are usually taught that the spirit of Prosperity is a good, kind spirit.  And that he brings toys and treats to good little girls and boys.  That's his facade, and it is a good facade, for some paladins are convinced that when they serve the good representation of molech, they are serving the greater good.  As Lawful Good Paladins!  But if Molech is anything, he is a Lawful Evil deity, promising prosperity for the life of children.

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