The Material Plane is

Birkeland Current in the Luminous aether.

a plane of matter and energy interacting with each other in a relative fashion.  Matter is simply energy that has been spent.  That being said, there's little difference between Matter and Energy, because matter is spent energy.

The Material Plane has the following traits:

  • Normal Gravity
  • Normal Time
  • Alterable Morphic
  • No Elemental or Energy Traits: Specific locations may have these traits, however.
  • Mildly Neutral-Aligned: Though it may contain high concentrations of evil or good, law or chaos in places.
  • Normal Magic

The Material Plane is intertwined with two opposing aspects (in philosophy, the actuality might be very different).  The Luminous Æther and the Twisting Nether.  Both represent forces of energy, and both come from the same source.  Light and plasmas transmits through the luminous æther, and nebulae dances in the twisting nether.  Both interact to produce light, and both interact to produce motion.  The result is a dancing universe of darkness and light.   It is from the luminous æther that positive energy (life energy) comes from, and it is from the twisting nether that negative energy is from.  Mortals think that there are places out there in the Material Plane that are abstract and beyond their thinking.  They could be right.


Gravity Behaving Badly - Part 2

Gravity Behaving Badly - Part 2

Gravity behaving badly.

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