StartArea Bloodelf

Massalia in the Fall (Blood Elf Start Area from WoW).

Massalia is the kingdom of the Massalian Elves.  It started as a port colony of Arcasia before the  Pelagasiri conquest.  The duty of the colony is to be a simple trading post.  The colony traded wine, cider, and elvish goods to the local human, Maenad, and troll population. The trading post grew from a simple colony to a large kingdom with island assets and colonies of Massalian Elves.

The population here relies on dark, demonic magic in their war to reclaim Arcasia. However, the battle has been so long ago, that there isn't a point. Nevertheless, the Massalian elves try hard to reclaim their homeland.  Their reliance on Demonic magic has caused them to harness it in their battle to reclaim their homeland and their heritage.


The story of the founding happened when Bitrarus Highshade was exploring for a new trading post had eventually found a cove of the Lacydon, fed by a freshwater stream and protected by two rocky promontories. Bitrarus Highshade was invited inland to a banquet held by the chief of the local Elvish tribe for suitors seeking the hand of his daughter Gyptis in marriage. At the end of the banquet, Gyptis presented the ceremonial cup of wine to Protis, indicating her unequivocal choice. Following their marriage, they moved to the hill just to the north of the Lacydon; and from this settlement grew Massalia.

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