In some best loved fantasy novels and stories, the protagonist and his erstwhile allies find a cache of magical items forged by an eldritch race.  In this particular story, the blades were made by the elves during the orc wars, but some how a group of trolls got them and this intrepid group had them fall into their hands after defeating the trolls with sunlight. 

The Blacksmith s Office by KfaeStock

Blacksmith's workplace (by KfaeStock (temp) )

In the world of Phaeselis, it should not be different with magic and psionic items.  Each one is made with loving care, and each one has a history.  Each magic weapon is made with precise love, as each is a masterpiece made by a smith who has advanced in his craft to the point of being called a master.  Some items are named, such as swords from the elves or swords made by the Hellenes (although they didn't name actually name their swords as much).  Swords made from blacksmithing can run the gamut from being made of wrought iron to the finest steel (like crucible steel/Dragonborn steel).  With Hephaestus, the God of Fire, making items of elysian bronze.  The magic of turning rock to metal is still seen as magical, even though metallurgical techniques were involved.

For bronze, one cast bronze by combining ninety percent copper with ten percent tin.  The result is liquid fire that can be poured into a stone mold and hardened.  For iron, you bloom the iron and then you work it in a forge, although some races have techniques for making crucible steel.  Only the best of these items were imbued with magical or psionic properties and were gifts to men of power.  Below are sample magical and, predominately, psionic items.

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