Greeting by fidjera-d4yeasi

Greeting by Fidjera (Kimi).

In this section, you will learn how people live in the city.  After all, what is it like to actually live in Phaeselis?  What is your typical home like? What do people do for entertainment, and what kind of tools do they actually use?  So, the following chapters do give an idea on what its like to walk the city streets of Phaeselis.

In this section you get to learn what it is like to live like the average resident and free citizen of Phaeselis. You will also get a feel of what it is like for the common Adventurer in Phaeselis, especially how it is different living elsewhere. One page deals with crime in the city of Phaeselis and it's laws. Another chapter deals with Hellenistic technology. And from there, you get an impression on how the rest of the Empire sees Phaeselis.


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