From Stargate: Atlantis -- Rising, pt 1.
Race at a Glance
Type Humanoid (psionic human)
CR by Character Class
Environment Any land
Other attributes
For stats on playing the race, see Lemurians (playable).

The Lemurians have a creation myth.


The Lemurians began as a quiet collection of neolithic villages that started an agricultural revolution.   Through the neolithic age, while other humans were getting used to agriculture -- the Lemurians learned to smelt, alloy, and work with metals of every kind.  Then the next big breakthrough was the leap from fire to the harnessing and use of electricity as a power source.  After that, the next big breakthrough was anti-gravity technology.

Finally, the Lemurians learned interstellar and intergalactic travel by building Dragon Gates and the flying cities which they used to explore the galaxy. The lemurians are an ancient race of humans changed by their travels, and they returned after the great flood extremely changed.  They then buried the Dragon Gate so that it would never open again. 


The Lemurians TodayEdit

The Lemurians today are a race that is enigmatic with a history of interstellar travel using the Dragon Gate.  They have seeded countless worlds across the galaxy with the human race by just creating colonies.  It's unknown how many races besides the Elves, the dwaves, and others they've contacted.  Or even if they even exist.


A kalashtar.

The Lemurians are a progressive human race, but they've embraced freedom of thought and religion since being interstellar. They have honed the powers of their minds that they've all become psionic, awakened.  How this happened, it's not known, but they have spread out among regular humanity on the globe in extremely small numbers, helping the humans develop at their own pace. 

Many have been attracted to Phaselis to see what is going on with a city full of psychics. They want to know how such an experiment is progressing, since much of the world has been persecuting psychics.  Even the gods seem to be against them. 

Racial ArchetypesEdit

The following racial archetypes are for the Noral, but are adapted for the Lemurians.  Pacifist (Vitalist), Peacekeeper (Telepath), and Shadow Hunter (Inquisitor).  Also included is the Atavist (Soulknife).

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