Koine Hellenic (or commonly understood language) is the language of Reason, Music, Philosophy, and Common Commerce throughout the empire.  With the possible exception of Parmeno's Kingdom of Khemet.  Koine Hellenic has a lot in common with Greek, but is to be rendered in English when played around the American table. 

It is actually the fusion of Attic Hellenic and other dialects, becoming a Lingua Franca in Hellas as well as the entire Empire.


Hellenic is similar to the history of Greek in the real world.  Main article: History of GreekGreek has been spoken in the Balkan Peninsula since around the late 3rd millennium BC. The earliest written evidence is a Linear B clay tablet found in Messenia, dating to between 1450 and 1350 BC;[8] written in Mycenaean Greek, making Greek the world's oldest recorded living language. Among the Indo-European languages, its date of earliest written attestation is matched only by the now extinct Anatolian languages.


[1][2]Proto-Greek area according to linguist Vladimir I. Georgiev.The Greek language is conventionally divided into the following periods:


Classical attic

Classical Attic Greek alphabet.

Hellenic uses two scripts.  Tengwar used in an English mode is used for ceremonial uses and places of learning as well as everyday use in the home.  The script looks like thus:

@ zé7'EjR w1Ry~V5 x#t#t$55^ 2{( aEjT¸iR aEjT¸iR y3T27yE+ e7t^ @ y6E= 2{( 82{$+ 9iT t3Y6R 31RiT 1`N iEz sr^`V 1`N 9jRq @ 17s^5#+ 885$`V w1Ry~V5 sr^`V 2{( s5&`N 5^ jYq[ÙiU-=

8b%= `N x2^"iR+= @ b#6R W aEjT¸iR 85^ W qjR`ViU= 31E w7`Nv&1 z`N1[UjiR+ jT¸+ qU5^ @ aE`C`V5#+-= t5#`Û `C w7r#`V 8`NjU 22% 1T 82{$ 96U6hb% 2.Y5 1`N 92#iR= 2{( t5#`Û `C 97R`N 22% 1T h`BjR2 `C q7lR 1`N 2x^+ 2{( rjU17UiR= e6Y 8`N y6RO @ z`N5&8jR+ W sr^`V ejUejT¸2$ e7t^ @ 2`C`Û 5^ ³aT @ 85^ W 1E7`ViU= zb% W t5$= 2{( x7`V1E aEjT¸iR= e6T81 ejR¸ `N1U y3T 5^`V 5#3Y6R-=

A new script, developed after the Phoenician script, is reserved for commerce.  Called Hellenic Script, the new script has an abjad heritage.  There seems to be a battle between Tengwar and the new Hellenic Script in the Empire however.  Time will only tell if the commercial alphabet will replace Tengwar, or if Tengwar will replace dominate.

Scripts on your ComputerEdit

You will need to download Tengwar Parmaite or Tengwar Quenya fonts to see the above.  

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