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Cassander's palace.

Cassandras is a kingdom that is much like Turkey in size.  Although the Amazons and the Olivaen Elves were left to themselves, Alexander took this territory away from the Archemeniads.  Named after the General Cassander, it's a Hellenic Kingdom that is powerful but has little influence towards Phaeselis except for much of their hot blooded youths go there to look for glory.

Cassandras is ruled by Cassander Troas, the first and the last, as he is a King who enjoys the company of catamites to virile and supple women.  He is joked to be "every man's woman" in certain circles.  His rivals for the throne are Antigonas, Granitus, and Iolaus. These three plot to take the throne by lawful means and if not, they would declare that their king is tyrant and slay him in battle for the good of all Cassandras.  

His court is lavish, and many worry that he spends too much of the public treasury on lavish vacations and parties rather than the good of his people.  Cassander rules his empire from the city of Ephesus.