An Anubian Priestess(?) watches over the kingdom of Khem.

Often called the birthplace of magic, mystery, and wonder, the fabled kingdom of Egyptus, or Khem, was great before the Ionians discovered culture and city building.  Now it is the Kingdom of Parmenio.  

Here, elven texts on Arcane Magic was deciphered and combined with magical spells from Thoth and Ptah to create an arcane magical tradition that was eventually codified into the eight schools of Arcane Magic.

It was here that the mysteries of science and astronomy began.  And it was here that many things known only to the priesthood of Egyptus that were once common knowledge, faded away into secrets and mysteries.  Here they mummify the dead.  And here, all things are part of religious tradition.  Chaffing under the rule of the Archemeniads' later kings, Alexander was hailed as a liberating hero and made Pharoah of all of Egyptus.  After his death, Parmenio took the kingdom and became the second Hellenic Pharaoh.

What began as a colony founded by a woman in the distant past -- to be ruled by her son, Pharaoh; has stretched into a kingdom that is living in the shadows of past glories.  For this is the land of Khem, the land of Egypt where a Hellenic pharoah is proclamed to be the son of Ammun and rules as Pharoah presiding over a government that is as steeped in religious tradition as much any religion could be. 

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