Aura: Strong Clairsentience; ML 20th

Slot: None; Weight: negligible

The Key to the Mind's Eye opens the Heart of the Mind's Eye. It can also be used to open the Third Eye, or the Anja chakra. If used by an Awakened Mind (he who has psionic aptitude) to open his Anja chakra, he gains 10 bonus power points and use of the Remote View power for one day to remote view a location he is familiar with.

If used by anyone who does not have an awakened mind (no psionic aptitude, this includes Occult Adventures PCs), he or she is struck down as if he or she were dead. In fact, their Astral Body goes on an extended trip through the Universe as his or her Anja chakra is opened. He or she sees the glory of the Universe in all of it's splendor and glory. After what seems to be an eternity to the Essence, his or her Essence is returned to her body (3 days). He or she gains a point of Intelligence, though he or she will be gibbering in tongues for 2d10 days, as her mortal mind tries to comprehend the majesty of the Cosmos. Also, he or she will gain a number of experience points equal to half of what is needed to gain her next level.

The Key to the Mind's Eye can only be used by a non-Psionics PC (to reiterate, this does include Occult Adventures PCs) in this way once. After that, the key has become unusable for them. Psionics PCs can use the key more than once. However, the key is an object of Avarice, and it will be sought by those who don't understand it's power. After two weeks of continuous use, it will conveniently be lost.

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