If gorillas were evil and could speak, they'd be a lot like jungle orcs. Jungle orcs live a simple existence, moving through the jungle hunting and gathering food in clan groups (equivalent in size to the squads given in the orc monster entry, plus 150% noncombatants). Although combat is common within the clans, it’s relatively bloodless and hardly ever lethal. Only when jungle orcs encounter other clans or other races do they show the true extent of their violent, evil nature.

Conquest is a baffling concept to jungle orcs. They attack, take whatever strikes their fancy, and move on. They lack the discipline required to maintain the things they steal, so they always seek weakly defended settlements and caravans to replace those things that break or wear out in the humidity of the jungle.

Occasionally an individual jungle orc questions the need for constant battle, or seeks strategies other than brute force. These are often the more intelligent members of their clans. Such iconoclasts often leave the jungle—at least temporarily—to become adventurers.

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