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Basic Information
Home Phaeselis, Hellenic Empire
Gender Male
Race High Elf
Rules Information
Alchemist 5
Master Chymist 2
Alignment Lawful evil (Jordarai)/Chaotic Good (Draco)
Game Edition Pathfinder

Source: [citation needed]
Jordarai is an Elven alchemist that specializes in Rage Chemistry, though he prefers to call himself a psychiatrist. Jordarai is a good example of someone with innocent nerd proclivities that practices unethical science experiments back home. Jordarai has been taking his first steps into Master Chemistry. Despite this, though, the Alchemist creates most mutagens so he can administer them to his patients at his Sanitarium. The result isn't a nice, quiet sanitarium dedicated to healing. Rather, it's dedicated to exploring the deepest parts of the emotional mind.

And while his Sanitarium does do it's job to heal and repair psyches, employing some psychic healers and telepaths, he reserves the most tormented minds for psychological research. Mostly, for testing his mutagenic compounds as well as new psychiatric drugs. He doesn't merely run rats through mazes, he conducts unethical research in the name of science. 

Id MutagenEdit

Jordarai made a breakthrough in Rage Chemistry called an Id Mutagen. Designed for others as well as the alchemist, when an alchemist drinks the Id Mutagen, he gains all the qualities of the Id Beast template for a short while.


Jordarai's self experimentation with mutagens has led to the immersion of an alter ego. Where Jordarai is mild mannered, his alter ego is not. Where Jordarai is unethical, his alter-ego is not. Called Draco, his alter ego has draconian features that speak to him whenever he looks into a mirror. Strong, just, but uncontrollable, Draco works to defend the defenseless, and the disadvantaged from petty injustices. Draco does not like Jodarai's research and awaits the day when Jodarai has taken too much mutagens so that he can come out more freely. 

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