After watching a video presentation on the possibility that the Great Sage (Yeshua, or Jesus Christ) visited China during his Lost Years, I thought it might be possible for Moses to lead his people there.  After all, it took ten years for Alexander the Great to conquer Persia. Moses and his people wandered the wilderness outside of Canaan and Egypt for forty years.  This means that they could either be wandering Arabia (which would be noticed by the descendants of Ishmael.  VERY noticed) or they could be wandering Asia.

Again, they would be noticed by the Babylonians and the Assyrians.  But no one has looked for the records.  But they could have been to India.  According to the Bible of Aryan Invasions, there has a been a number of invasions into India performed by the Aryans in order to take India over.

The first two are discussed in the Rig Veda and the Mahabarata.  The third, an invasion attributed to Krishna, might have not been an Aryan Invasion.  It could have been a shemite or Hebrew invasion.  The reasons to think this are clear:

  • Moses led his people in the Wilderness for forty years.  Alexander conquered Persia in ten years.  In forty years, he would have conquered all of Asia.  So its not really impossible that Moses led his people about the Asian continent for 40 years.
  • The similarities between Krishna and Jesus Christ are striking, with the exception that Krishna took about 16,000 women as wives and concubines, and that Krishna lived 2,000 years earilier. 
  • The Hindus have a name for Moses. 
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