Welcome to the world of the Alexandrian Empire, an ancient Empire that was once the Empire of the Ariyans, or the Persians (the people of Perses).  It's a place of great heroes and opportunities for adventure in the lands of the Hellenic Kingdoms of the East, and the Colonies of the West.

Heroic hoplites dare the crypts of the Ancient Kings of the Old Empires, seeking both glory and treasure. Insolent theives, robbers, and bandits prowl the cities and countryside looking for people to exploit.  Devout priests of various religions wield weapons and their divine spells, who quest against the terrors in the land. Cunning wizards plunder the ruins of far older empires, delving for secrets that have not seen the light of day.  While Philosophers and Alchemists apply their discoveries.  Some for the betterment of the Hellenic kingdoms and their people, some during adventure.  The World is open and the world is filled with Dragons, giants, black hearted villains, demons, savage hordes, and abominations.  

This is the land of the Alexandrian Empire.  Adventure spans two continents: Asia and Europe.  Back in the days, the two continents had beauty that would make you go "wow."  The Alexandrian Empire, 50 years after the death of Alexander the Great, is yours to shape, to tell stories in, to defend, to conquer, or to rule.  So, again, welcome to the Empire of Alexander the Great.

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