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The City of Psionics in recent years has become something of a magnet. The city seems to be drawing in adventurers from all over the Hellenistic world, even from that place called Rome. The adventurers often come here looking for a chance to delve down the infamous dungeon that exists amongst the city. They wish to emerge laden with treasure, or at least with a few good stories. The lifestyle of the adventurer exists no where else but in Phaeselis.

This page deals with how Adventurers are viewed in the Hellenistic Empire, Phaeselis, and Rome. It details what common life is like for the adventurer and how the empire views Adventurism. It also illustrates in some ways in which an adventurer's life is a different experience than from elsewhere. This page expounds on these experiences through the second person.

Phaeselis vs. the rest of the Empire Edit

Phaeselis is known as the city of Psionics. To the rest of the Greek World, it's a strange place where people gather that aren't trusted. An adventurer is one of these. You, as an adventurer; are viewed to be a mercenary, a solitary explorer, or some rogue. This is not a complementary word. To the rest of the world, you are viewed as a danger and a menace to society. Many cities require permits for weapons and armor, reserving these for the military.

In Phaeselis, you are looked upon as some kind of hero. Not as great as the heroes of old, but with that potential in mind. People with mental talents gather here, looking for a better life. You are here looking for the big score. The motherlode of all treasure. You are looking to get rich quickly.

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