Important Individuals in Phaeselis.

Reyasa Ramolvis (LE mde Wizard 19): 
DB-place-Tel Mithryn

Rayasa Ramolvis' tower (represented by Tel Mithryn from Dragonborn).

An eccentric drow wizard from Volcania who is a Master Wizard.  He came to Phaeselis from his home in Volcania to study psychics.  He is rude, ineffably frank, and callous.  He built his tower within the Olivaen Elf Enclave by growing a giant portabello mushroom and making his home inside it.   

Yvarice Berne (NG fh psion (kineticist) 7): A woman from the Blessed Isles far to the North.  A Breton, she transplated herself to the land of Phaeselis in order to learn her talents.  She became a member of the Mind's Eye and is frequently one of their agents of first contact. 

Loranae Mirthforge (LG fMe Paladin (Larenthias) 5): A Blood Knight from Massalia, Loranae is looking to create a chapter of her order in Phaeselis. Her duty is to protect the innocent and to do battle against evil forces.

Sopheriel (LG mh psion (Shaper) 18): The man who calls himself Sopheriel after an angel is probably Reyasa's rival. Their philosophies are different as an approach to power.  Where Reyasa is ineffably frank, Sopheriel is actually cool.  Where Reyasa is callous, Sopheriel cares.  And where Reyasa is rude, Sopheriel is well mannered and considerate.

Jambres (LN mh Transmuter 9):

Jambres (a man in costume).

Jambres of Khemet is a dark, dusky skinned man who is taken to wearing a leopard skin.  Jambres is a master of transformation, as the school of Transmutation/Alteration was perfected in Khemet.  He can make things become animate, turning dead things into living things.  He carries a staff which can turn into a cobra after putting it down and giving it the proper command word.
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