Aryavartan is an analog language to Hindi (hindustani to be precise).  The language has developed over many years and is the language spoken in Aryavarta.  The language is a mishmash of native languages and languages of conquerors.  The Aryavartan spoken in Phaeselis is Vedic Aryavartan, while newcomers speak Golden Aryavartan.  There are many languages in Aryavarta, being such a large landmass that many languages evolved over time.


The Scripts that Aryavartan uses are syllabic alphabets much like Bengali.  The first looks like Bengali and Devanāgarī in that it has much of the same patterns and styles of writing.  This script is used by those who speak Golden Aryavartan.  The second script used is a lot like the original Sanskrit.  Both scripts are used to write the languages of Aryavarta. 

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