Basic Information
Home Phaeselis
Former home(s) Elis, Hellas
Gender Male
Race half-dragon (red)
Occupation Street magician
Age 18
Known language(s) Koine Hellenic
Rules Information
Class Wizard
Alignment Neutral Good
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Wizard 1
5th Edition Statistics
Class Wizard 1

The result of a mating between a red dragon and a girl, Hermogenes dislikes his paternal line.  Born half-human, and half dragon, the boy is known as the half-dragon amongst all who see him.  Shunned by most of society, he had, unfortunately, become the spoils of pirate attacks on his homeland.  Taken hostage, he was treated to the fine privilege of being an eromenos to a Hellene wizard.  Learning wizardry while being a boy lover to the wizard, Hermogenes grew to be a capable wizard.  However, as soon as he was strong enough, however, he overpowered his  master and left on the first ship to Alexandria on the Phoenix, becoming one of the new adventurers in the city to seek his fortune.

Hermogenes looks slim for a half dragon despite his strength.  His time as an eromenos has caused him to exhibit some traits that are considered unmanly to hellenes: including shyness, cowardice, and submissiveness.  Prone to forming co-dependent relationships, Hermogenes is hoping to change.  To live on his own in the wide world and to plumb the depths of Phaeselis in order to seek his fortune.

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