Stadio Olimpia 2007

A road of Hellas (stadium in Olympia) by Klone123.

Finally, the last of the Alexandrian Kingdoms, Hellas.  Hellas exists in a land that encourages city state after city state.  The Hellenes are discussed in their own race page, and now they have greatness.  Once a land of polises -- city states, Hellas has been united by Alexander's father Theophilius.  Theophilius the Barbarian, Thophilius the Uniter.  However, it was Alexander that led his people to glory against the Archemenaids and took their kingdom by Force of Arms and by the Olive Branch and spread Greek Culture to all of the known world.

Hellas has far ranging colony city states, and includes the elven kingdom of Arcadia within its borders. The furthest west of it's independent colonies includes the city of Aspenides in the land of Tartessos, and ironically enough, the country of Massalia, where the Massalian Elves dwell. Although largely settled down, its still a place of adventure.

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