Aura strong telepathy; ML 20th

Slot none; Weight 1 lb.

The Heart of the Mind's Eye is actually a codex that is about the size of a cheap romance novel with a lock in place. If unlocked with the Key to the Mind's Eye, it's contents can be perused for the wisdom it contains.

The Heart of the Mind's Eye contains the secret to the Power Source of Psionics. He who opens it will find blank pages with a mirror finish that reflects the viewer's face.

If the reader has an Awakened Mind (Psionic Aptitude), he will probably understand the secret after 10 - his Wisdom Bonus hours of contemplation and silent meditation. The Power Source of Psionics is his own being and potential, and will gain a +2 permanent circumstantial bonus to his wisdom score. To anyone else, though, it has no worth.

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