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Grom the Battle Lord is an orc deity. He's considered a greater deity by the orc cults. He is mainly worshipped by the orcs and orogs; although he attracts half-orcs. He is typically seen as Chaotic Neutral, and dwells in Limbo.

Lore Edit

Grom is the spirit of battle amongst the orc shamans, he represents the orcs' drive for battle, struggle, and conflict. He is the personification of male Arete among the orcs.

As the orcs' lord of battle, grom grants no spells to his worshipping clerics, nor does he intervene in any fashion into the orcs' lives. The orc clerics of Grom are actually granted spells from a different source (from a devilish titan known as Azazael). Grom is seen as an uncaring deity. Azazael grants the clerics of Grom the following domains: Chaos, Destruction, Glory, and Strength.

History Edit

It is said that Grom was born on the Battlefield between five orc tribes in the orc homeland. He was born during the slaughter of these five great tribes and was imbued with the spirit of Fury inside of him. As he grew, he become steadily, and slowly, violent. By the time he reached his majority, however, he became the master of violence and slaughter.

He approached Apotheosis during the battle between him and a powerful demon. During the battle, he slew the demon but absorbed his infernal spark as he died. Although his body has decayed and has been long buried, Grom attained Apotheosis when he gained that spark and was granted the portfolios of War, Struggle, Agony, Glory, and Excellence.

Truth Edit

Grom sacrificed himself for the greater good, but he absorbed no spark -- infernal or divine. As a result, a feast day was held in his honor one hundred years after his death, and was deified later. Suddenly, the clerics started casting divine spells some one hundred fifty years after his death, their power being granted by a strange and powerful being they thought was Grom. It was actually Azazael, the demon prince. Someday, though, the followers of Grom will learn the awful truth about their deity. Some may follow Azazael, others might find some other religion, and some might learn truths that Grom was a hero but didn't deserve hero worship.

Inspiration & Trivia Edit

  • Grom is inspired by Crom from Robert E. Howard's Conan the Barbarian as well as Gruumsh.
  • Grom is also inspired by Grommash Hellscream from World of Warcraft.
  • Grom means "Thunder" in slavic languages.
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