Geographical information
Size Metropolis
Area Kingdom of Cassandras
Societal information
Humans 90%
Other 10%
Religion Artemis (dominant), Zeus, Hermes, Stoicism, Cyric
Population 122,000
Imports Slaves, gold, wool, spices
Exports Stone, figurines, silk
Alignment N(CN)
Political information
Government Oligarchy
Ruler Cassander

Ephesus is the capital city of Cassandras. Considered a pilgrimage site for followers of Artemis, the City of Coin was rumoured to have streets paved with gold. This was, of course, untrue, especially in the slums and the notorious Docks districts, where people were poor and crime was rife.

Just about anything was acceptable in Ephesus and actions that would be illegal or immoral in other lands were tolerated. The law permits nearly anything including lewdness and slavery. 



Diana's TempleEdit

The PromenadeEdit


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