Geographical information
Alternate spelling(s) Emporion
Size Small City
Area Tartessos
Societal information
Demonym Emporians
Languages Koine Hellenic, Tartessian, Pheonician
Humans 70%
Massalian Elves 10%
Orcs 3%
Half-Elves 10%
Half-orcs 7%
Religion Hermes, Druidism
Population 12,000
Imports Hellenic goods, olives, Khemish goods, dyes
Exports Timber, sheep, sheepskins, wool, slaves
Alignment CG
Allegiances Independent (Corinth)
Political information
Government Monarchy
Ruler King Cassia

Inhabitants of Emporiae
Locations in Emporiae
Founded in the land of Tartessos, Emporiae (also called Emporion) was founded as a trading city rather than a city state.  Founded by Corinth, the people of Emporiae traded Hellenic goods to the Tartessian peoples for Tartessian goods.

The people here traded sheepskins, wool, timber, and iron; while the Hellenes traded goods from Khem, cotton, olives, and many other goods.

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