Elvish is another alien tongue that is slowly being impacted by the languages around them.  A living language, no elf king has declared the language to be "dead."  Elvish is a flowery language, that sounds almost like singing.  Elvish is, as the elves say, the language of trees, birds, and flowers.  The original elvish was Arvandoran.

The language is very beautiful to hear, although the Elves in human lands typically take their time to learn human tongues.  They would typically use the language to speak the words of the Elves in ceremony among humans.  Not among humans and it's in common usage. 

Arvandoran split off into two language trees, Vahyenya or the tongues of the Far East, and Seldruar, the elvish tongues of the occidental West.

Language Tree

Seldruar Elvish is an alien tongue that is not related to Indo-European or any other language of Lemurias.  Only Lemurian comes similar to Elvish in tone and sound. This Elvish is rooted in Arvandoran, coming from the planet Arvandor.  But no elvish philosopher or sage is forth coming on their language's history.

There are six elvish languages:

  • Pelagastic Elven, the language of the Pelagasiri Elves.
  • Massalic Elven, the language of the Massalian Elves.
  • High Elven, the language of the High Elves.
  • Volcanic Elven, the language of the elves of Volcania.
  • Drow, the language of the Drow.
  • Desertic Elvish, the language of the Desert Elves.


Elvish uses a script that is flowery, but it's an ideogram script.  It has a resemblance to Ihathvé Sabethired -- which was developed by Jason Liekhus.

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