HP/inch: 20; Hardness: 12; Cost: ammunition +12 gp per missile, armor and shields +1,500 gp, weapon +700 gp, other items +250 gp/lb.

600px-SR-item-Elven Armor Female

Elven Armor.

Elven Steel is a steel made by the High, Pelagasiri, Massalian, and Olivaen Elves. Made from refined moonstone and quicksilver, being steel it also requires iron and carbon.  The result is a metal that is slightly green and has good weight.  Elves use the metal for weapons and not for cooking, as the quicksilver in the metal can turn to fumes and has made elves sick.

600px-SR-item-Refined Moonstone

Refined Moonstone.

 is a metal with a low melting point that is melded with Moonstone when forging elven steel weapons and elven
600px-SR-item-Quicksilver Ingot

Quicksilver bar.

gilded armor.

Elven weapons and light armor are medium-quality items that are made using the mineral Moonstone. The weapons and some of the armor require Quicksilver as well as Moonstone. Elven forging techniques were developed by the Altmer and were originally a closely guarded secret (see Light Armor Forging).

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