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Golic Vulcan represents the Dwarven Script.

Dwarvish is an alien tongue spoken by the European looking dwarves that came through the Dragon Gate.  Fortunately for the dwarves, their king had declared that their language is "Dead."  No new words will come into their language.  Unfortunately for the Dwarves, their language is dead.  The language is characterized by rolls and, smooth accents, and guttural pronounciations.  When the dwarves speak a human tongue, it's heavily accented.


No human sage or philosopher is allowed to look into the language.  This, is infact, kept by the Dwarf Shamans.  The Shamans keep the histories, and do not report on the origins of their race except that they came from a planet that is unknown to humans.  The dwarves came out of curiosity, and were stranded here since.


Dwarven script bears a strong resemblance to Golic Vulcan, developed for the Vulcan language.  Dwarfish has logographic roots, but is an alphabet.  The existence of a flowery script with so many curls and circles suggest that the Dwarves were once a very advanced race from whence they came. 

Direction of writing: flexible but most traditionally rendered top to bottom. When written horizontally the traditional calligraphy is simply rotated and flows in the same direction of the predominate concurrent system. With English it reads left to right. (See example at the beginning of this article.) With Hebrew it would read right to left. The Standard script can rotate in the same manner if necessary in context. Horizontal Handwriting involves two different placement models for the vowels; inline and diacritic. In vertical handwriting, vowels are used more or less as inline letters with the exception of the /a/. It behaves somewhat like an abugida vowel diacritic.

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