The Drunken Huntsman is a shop where you can go to get new arrows and bows of Elvish make.  Quildohtarion (LN massalian elf m Expert 10; Appraise +13, Profession (Shopkeeper) +12) and his brother Áraner (NG massalian elf m rgr 5/Exp 3; Profession (shopkeeper) +11, Knowledge (Nature) +9) are the partners of this little enterprise.  Quildohtarion runs a tavern and hunting supply store, kind of like a Greek combination of Cabela's and Trader Joe's.  His brother manages a stand selling fresh meat in the Laughing Brook Marketplace.  Both are Massalian Elves, who will increase their prices up 5% for any High Elf that buys from their stores.  it is across the street from Varyamiel's Shop of Curios.

Quildohtarion tends the counter, buying and selling weapons, armor, food, drink, and miscellaneous items.  He sells items of elvish steel, mithril, and darkwood as well as yew wood shipped from the Blessed Isles.  Sometimes, he has enchanted weapons and armor for sale.

The drinks he sells include elven wine (which is hard Apple Cider -- sometimes mixed with other fruits to give it different tastes; human wine is made from grapes), fresh water, and a variety of other wines and beers.  

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