Desert Half Orc
Orc Ancestry desert orcs
Human Ancestry Bedouins, people of Araby, desert peoples west of Khemet, isolated Khemetians.
Languages Arabian, Shemite languages, Khemetic, Libyan, Tunisian
Skin color Reddish tones
Hair color usually Black with reddish tones.
Eye color Dark brown
Distinctions broad noses, small tusks
These half-ores face the world with a self-assurance that's unusual for their kind-the result of a corifluence of traits.[1] The desert half-orcs are the results of matings between desert orcs and the people that dwell in the deserts, including the desert that is west of the lands of the fabled Middle Kingdom.  Desert half-orcs have to learn how to survive in an environment that is sunshine hot and dry. 


Among Orc SocietiesEdit

Among Human SocietiesEdit

Desert FashionEdit

Sandkin Trait

Burning Assurance: Sandkin lack the chip on their shoulder that many half- ores acquire as a result of prejudice, and their self- confidence puts others at ease. Desert half-orcs with this racial trait gain a +2 racial bonus on Diplomacy checks. This racial trait replaces the intimidating racial trait.


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