Orzamaar represents Deepingholme (from the Dragon Age wiki).

is a series of mining tunnels and finally an underground city built by the Asiatic dwarves that were originally called Gul Arianoch.  The "European" -- or Ironwork -- dwarves are working to reclaim Gul Arianoch from the Deurgar and the Derrow that dwell below.  So far, the Ironwork dwarves have been successful in reclaiming the first, and grandest, level of the mine.  Calling this Deepingholme, there is far too much to do in order to fully reclaim all that is lost.

The Ironwork Dwarves are not allied to Alexander's vision of a Hellenistic Empire and very few of them are psychic in any case.  Despite this the rumors of an ancient dwarf stronghold under Phaeselis was enough to attract the dwarves in the first place. They came in the hundreds, settled in the Fairholme neighborhoods, and then worked on building tunnels into Gul Arianoch and finally worked to reclaim the ancient fortress. Deepingholme is composed of mining tunnels and large rooms carved out of the bedrock.  Here, the Ironwork Dwarves are ruled by the King of Deepingholme -- Sirian son of Thalin, son of Gardoc.

Adventure SeedsEdit

Lost Scouting Party:  The dwarves have sent a scouting party to the third level of Deepingholme.  They haven't returned in three weeks.  Their loved ones are asking how this can be of the Government.  But King Sirian has more pressing matters weighing heavily on his mind.  In comes the PCs.  The royal steward to the king, Thorin, assumes he was going to let the problem go, but if the PCs press that they can find them, he sends them to the third level to find them.  Of course the PCs find more in than the scouting party.  The third level is inhabited by goblins, deurgar, and derrow.

The Disappearance of Clan Makanro:  Clan Makanro, famous for it's wizards, has disappeared suddenly.  If the PCs have a reputation within Deepingholme, the populace turns to them.  If not, notices are placed on the boards where Adventurers can easily find them. Investigating where they went to should turn up a number of possibilities.  Where the clan of wizards actually went is that they all built a portal taking them to Alexandria Eschate.  Why is a question that is up to you.

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