Basic Information
Titles Blacksmith to Adventurers
Master Blacksmith
Nicknames Scaly, Greenskin
Home Phaeselis
Gender male
Race Lizardfolk
Occupation Weaponsmith
Known language(s) Draconic, Koine Hellenic
Rules Information
Class Expert
Alignment LG
Game Edition Pathfinder
3.5 Edition Statistics
Class Blacksmith Expert 7
Dariush is the weaponsmith that provides weapons for the adventurers of the city.  He's one of the lizardfolk, a worker in steel and iron that could make most smiths blush with his personal recipes.  Although he still hammers out the impurities, sending out sparks as he does so, Dariush is one of the few who know how to make crucible steel.  How he got such knowledge, it's unknown, but he can make swords made from crucible steel (Steel II, always Masterwork, +2; and harder to break since it mostly contains iron crystals sheathed in carbon).  Dariush can, learning the secrets from the Dragonborn  some time earlier.
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