Deekin portrait
The Daekin Tribe
Location Phaeselis, Above ground: the Docks
Scale color All colors
Leader Trophrex
Enemies Gnomes
Associated dragon None, they worship humans and near humans

The strangest tribe of all is in Phaeselis is the Daekin Tribe, and these kobolds hope to befriend humans. The tribe itself is from Kobolds from a certain part of one of the worlds the kobolds came from, and they have been inspired by one of their own to seek out human companionship. Although this was never the intention of their ancestor, these kobolds worship humans and demi-humans (or near humans), when they should be worshiping dragons. The members of this tribe will do anything to gain the approval and respect of a human being or near human being. The tribe is the smallest in the city, but also the tribe that produces the most kobold adventurers (as well as servants).

Some what human or near human companionship so much that they are willing to do anything to please their human master. Like have sex. Human worship taken to extremes.

How the tribe is a mismashh of kobolds, no one really knows. The one that founded the tribe didn't actually found it, it was a bunch of kobolds who became inspired by him. They come in any color, and in all sizes and shapes, but they all seek to be attractive to humans or near humans. Most kobolds, when they encounter a human or near-human worshipping kobold think they are crazy in the head. Mostly for worshipping humans, but it does come with it's own perks.

Origins Edit

Humans are friends, not food!
  — Daekin Tribe saying

Kobolds have been known to be a sniveling lot. Even when adventurers go into their mines to wreak havoc, often for no apparent reason. However, some kobolds worked their way into human society. Friendless and treated like dirt, they learned of one of their kind that served a human and gained respect. So they formed a society.

The idea was to find a way to get accepted into human society. So, they tried to go into human cities where they were often treated like dirt. Some became bards like the Scalesinger, their founder. Others became rogues, and others became sorcerers and wizards. However, when one found the writings[1] of the Scalesinger, they all became embarrassed, but hit upon a revelation. Maybe they should love humans and then they will be accepted! So began the tribe of Daekin, and they have just recently moved into Phaeselis looking for more people to serve in any way possible.

Such Kobolds are often treated with scorn, so they thought of inventive ways to be accepted. As inventive as the traps they are so fond of making.

Divine Magic Edit

Kobold clerics of the Daekin Tribe belong to their own wierd cult, and for some reason, their faith generates divine magic. Kobold clerics who worship humans usually choose from the Charm, Knowledge, Strength, and Healing domains (and their associated sub-domains).

Sources Edit

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