Mountain Half-orc
Orc Ancestry mountain orcs
Human Ancestry Sogdanians, Bactrians, Aryavartans, Ariyans, Cassandrians
Regions Cassandria, Anaxamandras, Aryano-Hellenic Kingdoms
Languages Koine Hellenic, Ariyan, Aryavartan Hindic, Orcish
Skin color Dark brown tones
Hair color Black
Eye color Deep red
Distinctions broad noses, small tusks

Descended from reckless and brutish mountain orcs, cragkin are fearless masters of hilly terrain.  These half-orcs are descended from the humans and orcs that populate the mountain valleys and mountainous terrain that are in and border on Anaxamandras[1]


Human SocietyEdit

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Cragkin Trait
Cliffside Charger: Cragkin are accustomed to traveling in the steep terrain of their mountain homes. When in mountain terrain, mountain half- ores with this racial trait can move through natural difficult terrain at their normal speed; magically altered terrain affects them normally. In addition, cragkin gain a +io foot racial bonus to their speed while charging. This racial trait replaces the ore ferocity and weapon familiarity racial traits.


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