The orcs are a nation of wanderers, tribesmen, and traders. They are slowly building a nation on the steppes of Russia, but it's going to take time for them to do so. The Orcs have migrated to the Steppes because they are vast and mighty, and so far they have established little villages here and there. The orcs have done their best to keep their language pure, but dialects have crept into usage. In order to keep the Orcs as a whole people, the orcs of the steppes are quietly developing a trade tongue among their people which is not unlike the Shadowrun language of Or'zet.

Constructing a language begins with the basic pronunciation. A language is the soul of it's people, and to have an actual orc language would be a good starting point.

Orcish Phonology Edit

We begin by working out the sounds for Orcish.

Orc Vowels
Vowel Notes on Prounciation
a (ă) a short "a" as in cat.
a (ā) a long "a" as in cake.
a (Ə) the sound of "ah" as in father.
e (ĕ) a short "e" as in get.
e (ē) a long "e" as in meet.
i (ĭ) a short "i" as in knit.
i (ī) a long "i" as in Kite.
o (ŏ) a short "o" as in rod.
o (ō) a long "o" as in coat.
u (ŭ) a short "u" as in up.
u (ū) a long "u" as in Ute and ewe.

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The following Consonants are found in the Orc language.

Consonant Letter notes on pronounciation
b "b" as in bet, bee, or bad.
c/s Yes, the "s" sound does exist.
c/k most words spelled with a "c" is pronounced with a hard "K"
d found in words like dabu.
f found in words like lufut.
g Hard "G" sound as in get, glad, and log.
h h as a word, and a sound, exists but it's hardly used.
j always a soft "g" as in jet. 
l exists.


n exists.
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