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Clerics represent the gods either in an administrative fashion or as warrior-priests. They seek to spread their faith through conviction, words, and in some cases, war. Unlike the normal practitioners of religion, even regular priests, the cleric is actually connected to their deity through prayer and practice. They receive training in the basics of war at the same time they learn to channel the influence of their deity.

Religion is everywhere and likewise are the clerics. From the lowliest hamlet to the largest metropolis, all creatures maintain shrines and temples and have some modicum of faith. Where there is faith there is a cleric to maintain and spread that faith.

Only the most dedicated of clerics spread their religion beyond their home region. The call of adventure is a good way to spread word of ones faith, but is also a quick path to the grave. Most adventuring clerics are of good or neutral deities, seeking to combat evil or maliciousness wherever it arises. Evil clerics are more rare - a church founded on evil is rarely united, and chaotic evil churches even less so. Nonetheless, evil clerics are particularly feared throughout Golarion, if only as portends of the actions of much greater evil.


More than capable of upholding the honor of their deities in battle, clerics often prove stalwart and capable combatants. Their true strength lies in their capability to draw upon the power of their deities, whether to increase their own and their allies' prowess in battle, to vex their foes with divine magic, or to lend healing to companions in need. As their powers are influenced by their faith, all clerics must focus their worship upon a divine source. While the vast majority of clerics revere a specific deity, a small number dedicate themselves to a divine concept worthy of devotion—such as battle, death, justice, or knowledge—free of a deific abstraction. (Work with your GM if you prefer this path to selecting a specific deity.)

Suggested ArchetypesEdit

  • Cloistered Cleric
  • Crusader
  • Divine Strategist
  • Evangelist
  • Merciful Healer
  • Separatist
  • Scroll Scholar
  • Theologian
  • Undead Lord
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