The Chrysanthium clan are highly regarded earth benders and druids amongst the dragonborn. As earthbenders, they show control over the earth and can manipulate the earth in every aspect. As druids, they are also the source of Dragonborn druidry. While earthbenders (earth kineticists, if you prefer) are the physical part of the clan, the druids represent the spiritual. Sponsored by the great brass dragon Killothax, the clan often manifests a few fire benders as well.

Besides this, the clan is always close to nature. The druids of the clan see to it that the laws and customs of the Chrsanthium clan are observed, while the earthbenders work hard to keep the clan safe. Because brass dragons have mated into the clan but the bloodlines are so diluted that a Dragonborn born amongst the clan with brazen scales is often called a good omen.

The Circle of the Wild Edit

The druid circle of the Wild is the circle of druids among the Dragonborn. Amongst the dragonborn, this Circle works hard to make sure that the ancient laws of the Dragonborn is observed, and that Nature is respected and not disrepected. The organization is divided into which animal the druids can become.

The Druids of the Paw have the ability to become bears.

The Druids of the Claw have the ability to become great cats.

The Druids of the Raptor have the ability to become dromaeosaur dinosaurs.

The Druids of the Talon can become birds.

The Druids of the Sea can become sea-lions.

The Druids of the Pack can become wolves.

The Druids of the Wild can become all of these things.

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