The Chamber of the Ancients is a man made chamber located behind the water fall at about thrity feet up.  Inside are heiroglyphs of an unusual nature.  Also inside is the Obsidian Pyramid, a small perfect pyramid constructed of obsidian.   The purpose of the chamber isn't known.  No one knows who built it or why.  The hieroglyphs are undecipherable, even by Khemit citizens.

Psions in the presence of the obsidian pyramid have a chance to detect a sound from the pyramid that vibrates at 528 hertz.  If a psion touches the pyramid, the pyramid flashes and that tone is audible to all that would hear, but it pulsates.  It will be heard by any and all psychically active individual across the globe.   The tone is hypnotic, calling all psychically active individuals to it.  Those that fail a will save at DC 25 will feel themselves inexorably drawn to the pyramid's location.  These psychically active will cross deserts and oceans to reach Phaeselis.

The Secret of the PyramidEdit


Thoth, the Khemet god of Wisdom and Secrets.

Built by the ancient Lemurian who calls himself Thoth, the pyramid is part of various ancient monuments built to mark out the ley lines of the planet Lemurias.  The obsidian pyramid is a monument that is actually activated in a particular way, will reveal an ultratech temporal gate.   The gate leads forward or backward in time, usually backward, and is keyed to the city of Lemuria.

Another activation will reveal that the pyramid will change shape, becoming an ultra-tech vehicle that is capable of flight.  A third activation will combine the vehicle and temporal travel abilities, creating a time machine.  As a failsafe, the vehicle can only be piloted if a Nomad were to sit in the pilot's seat.  The vehicle is capable of breaking through Lemurias' atmosphere and interstellar flight.

But it's real purpose is simple.  If anyone who can decipher the hieroglyphs will find out one simple fact.  The pyramid's purpose, once activated, will draw all the psionically gifted in order to prepare for Thoth's arrival.  Once the psionically gifted has been all gathered, the Advent of Thoth will commence and Thoth will return to lead the psionically gifted into a new Golden Age of prosperity and peace.

But, also hidden in that chamber is a deep, dark secret that shouldn't be revealed. A mind so powerful and so mighty, that if freed, it will spell doom and dominion for the entire planet.

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