The Cedar Forest of Phaeselis is a large, primeval forest
1024px-Lebanon cedar forest

This cedars of Lebanon forest represents the Cedar forest.

that are made up of Cedars that are similar to the Cedars of Lebanon.  The forest is huge, and most of it is uncleared and is found to the north, bordering on the Barrens.  The land of the Cedar Forest was the site of many skirmishes between the Hellenistic armies of Alexander and the Archemeniad Empire.  The land is divided between hills and plains and has very few mountains.  The forests are thick and provide the inhabitants of the region with security and abundance.

The cedar forest is under guardianship of Phaeselis and has a number of beings in it that are both friendly and hostile to the people of Phaeselis. Beyond the borders of the Cedar Forest is Drakenwood, which is the Cedar Forest extending deeper into Anaxamandras.  Many say that Drakenwood is cursed, due to a bloody full scale battle between Alexander's Hellenes and the Ariyans here.  However, traveling from the Cedar Forest into the Drakenwood and one would see a definite change in mood.  Things, though, both monstrous and intelligent, do not respect the northern boundaries of Anaxamandras and Phaeselis and have moved from the Drakenwood into the Cedar Forest.  This makes the Cedar Forest much more deadily as one travels north away from the city.

378px-Blackrock Outrunner

A Blackwald Orc (from the WoWwiki).

Among the dangers one has to expect is the presence of the Blackwald Orc Tribe.  Using the Roe Hart Deer as their totem, these shamanistic orcs have decided to make the Cedar Forest their home.  Unlike the more amenable Frostwolves, the Blackwalds are much more aggressive and will strike any anyone -- human, elf, or orc.  They are grey skinned, something that can't be explained.  Beyond that, some human robbers calling themselves the Syrian Cedar Robbers have taken residence here, and the two are constantly fighting each other trying to establish territory.  In the middle of this is the city's interests, as it is trying to establish a safe haven for which people can live.

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