The Pathfinder RPG gives you a phenomenal number of character options—battle or healing clerics, greatsword or longbow fighters, pickpocket or trap-finding rogues, mind-controller or undead-creator wizards, and so on.

This section gives you useful and interesting NPCs at levels 1–20 for each of the 11 core classes. In general, if an NPC's character level is odd, the character is a fairly normal example of that class. For example, the 3rd-level wizard is a universalist "battle mage" and the 5th-level wizard is a typical transmuter, either of which is suitable for any common situation where you need a wizard stat block in a combat. NPCs with even-numbered character levels get more experimental and thematic. For example, the 2nd-level wizard is an enchanter "street magician," and the 4th-level wizard is a diviner "investigator," which have more specialized uses. This structure means that no matter what CR you need for an encounter, at most you're just one character level away from a standard character. For example, if you need a CR 3 (4th-level) wizard, you could add a level to the 3rd-level wizard or subtract a level from the 5th-level wizard (of course, adding a level is easier than subtracting a level).

Important Individuals in Phaeselis.

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