The following monsters are found in the land.  Some of which may be experiments that figured out how to breed true.  Such monsters, both baleful and beign, can be found in the lands around the City, in the City, and deep in the caverns. These monsters can make for interesting adventures in and of themselves.

While each monster is a unique creature, many possess similar special attacks, defenses, and qualities. Unique abilities are described below the monster's stat block. Many abilities common to several monsters appear in the universal monster rules. If a monster's listed special ability does not appear in its description, you'll find it there.

Composite MonstersEdit

  • Assassin Vine (CR 3) -- an ambulatory plant (meaning it moves, but not about).  Not a natural plant, it attacks moving animals and thinking beings.  Some sages believe it was created through the power of sorcery. 
  • Chimera (CR 7) --
    Chimera by josh buchanan

    A chimera by Josh Buchannan.

    the monster Bellerophon defeated was an ancient Syrian god .  However, Chimaera has come to mean any composited monster combined out of animals, or animals and man through the use of Fleshcrafting alchemy or Fleshwarping sorcery.  For our purposes, the Chimera is a composite creature composed of a lion, a goat, and a serpent or dragon.
  • Centaur (CR 3) -- Kentaur in Hellenic, the C is pronounced as a hard "K."  Centaurs are not found in the land of Phoenicia, usually.  But a few can be found here and there.
  • Gorgon (CR 8) -- It is not known if this monster is a living creature, or a mechanical creation.  No one dares to get close to find out. 
  • Griffin (CR 4) -- Another creature that is the result of fleshwarping, griffins (gryphons) are the result of combining a lion and an eagle.
  • Hippogriff (CR 2) -- he hippogriff bears the wings, forelegs, and head of a great raptor bird and the tail and body of a magnificent horse. As horses are a preferred meal for griffons, sages claim some flesh-warping wizard with an ironic sense of humor long ago created this unfortunate fusion of horse and hawk as a joke.
  • Medusa (CR 7) -- the Original Medusa may have some qualities with the ideal city or with an ark that contained the covenant.  It was only a matter of time that some sick alchemist or sorcerer with fleshwarping abilities created a true medusa and gave it the ability to turn men to stone with it's gaze.
  • Owlbear (CR 4) -- Another fleshwarped creation, this particular creature does not have any magical abilities.  A creature of sorcery, the owlbear has figured out how to breed true (an advanced fleshwarped creature).
  • Vorpal Rabbit (CR 5?) -- The video below explains it all. 


Holy Grail - Killer Bunny

Holy Grail - Killer Bunny



  • Basilisk (CR 5) -- The basilisk, often called the “King of Serpents,” is in fact not a serpent at all, but rather an eight-legged reptile with a nasty disposition and the ability to turn creatures to stone with its gaze. Folklore holds that, much like the cockatrice, the first basilisks hatched from eggs laid by snakes and incubated by roosters, but little in the basilisk's physiology lends any credence to this claim.
  • Cockatrice (CR 3) -- Stupid, vicious, and repulsive, cockatrices are avoided by other creatures due to their magical ability to turn flesh to stone. Legends say that the first cockatrice emerged from an egg laid by a cockerel and incubated by a toad.
  • Couatl (CR 10) -- A majestic creature, Couatls are servants of lawful and good deities, though some operate independently of any greater being.
  • Drakes (CR 4-8) -- Drakes of forest, flame, rivers, mountains, rifts and the sea; these are the ancestors to the mighty dragons.

Psychic MonstersEdit

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