Carthage National Museum representation of city
Geographical information
Type Metropolis
Size Metropolis
Societal information
Religion Melquart, Ba'al, Ashtoreth
Population 52,684
Imports Olive oils, spices, dyes, aromatics
Exports iron, wool, lapis lazuli, precious stones
Political information
Ruler Queen Dido IV

Carthage is a powerful republic occupying North Libya and parts of Tarshish (Iberia or the Spanish Pennisula).  Carthage's rivals -- Roma, Syracuse, and Numidia -- have put away their rivalry to deal with the dragonborn problem of Arc Teryx.  The dragonborn of Arc Teryx, under the Tyrant Medrash, are gathering at Carthage's capital Caralis on the island of Sardinia, and they are threatening a powerful take over. Carthage is the center of the Carthaginian Republic, or Empire; depending on who you ask.

The first civilization that developed within the city's sphere of influence is referred to as Punic (a form of the word "Phoenician") or Carthaginian. The city of Carthage is located on the eastern side of Lake Tunis across from the centre of Tunis. According to Greek historians, Carthage was founded by Canaanite-speaking Phoenician colonists from Tyre(in modern Lebanon) under the leadership of Queen Elissa or Dido. It became a large and rich city and thus a major power in the Mediterranean.

Political InfluenceEdit

With the exception of Ssitherai, the Carthaginians control the Phoenician ports around the land of Libya and the ports on Tarshish.  The serpent folk on Ssitherai have been a great problem.  Despite this, the people of Carthage control a powerful republic that rivals Roma, however with Arc Teryx as a wild card, it remains to be seen if the Romans attack Carthage or not.  So far, they seem to prefer cooperation.


Sicily Map

Including Syracuse, Carthage, Sybaris, and other cities (Photoshopped by myself.)

Carthage (Kartago) was founded by Elessia or Dido.  Escaping oppression in the lands of Phoenicia, the people of the Phoenix settled and started a city here; mainly by the use of strategem and cunning.  The founding was accomplished by buying land from the berber king the equal of which could only be covered by an oxhide.  She cut the oxhide into strips and surrounded enough land to start a small settlement.  In seven years, however, the settlement had grown into a sizeable city.  Carthage was born. 

Carthaginian RepublicEdit

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The Carthaginian Republic was one of the longest-lived and largest states in the ancient Mediterranean. The Carthaginians are descendants of the man called Shem, and worship Canaanite gods such as Melqart and Ba'al. In actuality, the Carthaginians are Phoenicians (Hebrews). The city was founded during the reign of King Solomon, and the city received it's own queen -- Queen Dido -- after Solomon's kingdom split in two. The Carthaginians were Asherites with a few Danites and people of the house of Aeolus mixed in.

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