Geographical information
Size Metropolis
Capital Sardinia
Area Sardinia
Societal information
Religion Ba'al, Astereth, Rhea
Population 25,000
Exports dyes, fish, lamp oil, trade-coinage
Political information
Government Monarchy
Ruler Arch Sailor Samson

Inhabitants of Caralis
Locations in Caralis
Organizations in Caralis
Caralis (Karalis) was a phoenician port town and the capital of Phoenician interests in Sardinia.  The Phoenicians had grown here and is a prosperous metropolis.  However, the expansion of the kingdom of Arc Teryx under Medrash of the dragonborn is a prime cause for concern.  The Caralians are going to make a stand no matter what. If Caralis falls, the whole island falls to Medrash and his tyranny. 

Preparing for WarEdit

Eager to help reclaim some of their slaves, the city of Syracuse is sending 120 Triremes with 1,600 troops to help stave off the Dragonborn assault.  Queen Dido IV of Carthage has also ordered three hundred triremes and 2,000 Carthaginian troops to Caralis to protect Carthaginian interests against upstart dragonborn.  

Meanwhile, the Dragonborn army is composed of 5,000 troops ready for a seige.  They mean to take Caralis so that Medrash can make it his capitol.  It seems hopeless, but armed with gastrophetes (heavy crossbow), the populace hopes to push their enemies back.


  • Temple of Ba'al
  • Temple of Rhea
  • The Docks
  • Inigo and Sons, Shipwrights
  • The Caralian Lady (Inn)
  • Central X-posure (Whorehouse)
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