Background: Calibos is a vile mockery transformed by divine magic by Godly decree.  He has become a complete mockery of himself, for his evil overhunting and his dark cruelty.  Calibos was once beautiful and wonderful to look upon.  But over time, as he used metamorphosis to change his shape, he eventually became a dark reflection of the evil that he became.

A Tiefling, Calibos has become an even more mockery.  He has a tail, horns, blackened skin, claws on his hands and feet, and his feat regressed into goat's feet.  In short, he has become a demonic satyr. Calibos is forced to flee into the dungeon and as such awaiting for the perfect time to take his revenge on the city that shunned him.  A powerful psion, he doesn't realize that his divine punishment was the result of psionically warping his own flesh.  

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