Caeryax was the new founder of the Warfire clan among those that came to Lemurias.  He taught the way of the blade, and during his later years, prepared the seminal master disertation on the use of the sword.  This has been handed down in the book -- The Way of the Sword by Caeryax.

As a result of studying the teachings of Caeryax, your deadliness in combat increases.  You have a mighty reserve of inner strength, and have learned to focus them through the use of your blade. [1]


Base attack bonus +3 or higher, Dex 13+, Autohypnosis 2 ranks, Way of the Warfire


You may release your Inner Focus to draw your blade as a free action during combat during a quick draw duel.  While use your Inner Focus during a quick draw duel or on attack rolls using a broadsword grant you a +3 Inner Strength bonus rather than the standard +2.[1]


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