For blue halfling stats, see Halflings (playable).

Sometimes confused with blue goblins in human speech, Halflings with blue skin are also sometimes called "blues." They are very human looking and are distinguished from by their blue skin, the lack of pinkies, and brilliant eyes. Anyone who comes to visit their settlements see them as genuine, spiritual, and content. However, they are quite capable and have one of the best kept secrets.

They have a flying navy. Most seafaring nations don't realize this, but their ships are able to lift from the water and ascend into the heavens. This is simply because the "blues" or blue Halflings, have invented the means to cause their ships to levitate and leave the atmosphere. A highly psychic race, the blue halflings have invented items that can project a forcefield to maintain an atmosphere around the ship, generate artificial gravity, and be able to travel faster than light.

Aside from that, the ships are built to resemble any other galley ship or small merchant ship with square sails or triangular ones. When taken on excursions beyond the atmosphere, the halflings can open a doorway into hyperspace (i.e. the Astral Plane), and have the ability to travel interstellar distances.

Most blue halflings with an itch for adventure, however, do it on world. They have a penchant for exploration on the planet.

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